We're building
a platform with access to knowledge

Our mission with Spacio is to democratise the access to design intelligence. Extraordinary amounts of value are created in architectural projects. This value is rarely documented and shared within an office, within the industry. This leads to projects starting from a blank canvas instead of a solid foundation of data-based facts. We want to structure building knowledge and to make it easy to share and discover.


André Agi


Making design decisions is part of an architect's everyday life. André targets design complexity through algorithms and graphics to communicate design intent and allow for better outcomes.

Franz Forsberg

Environmental Designer

A successful design team includes architects and engineers, at the service of society. Franz aims at bridging the gap between them, focusing on sustainable environmental design and circularity.

Stian Haugrim


Our work is dependent on technology. Stian connect technology and buildings, looking at what's happening in both worlds to find similarity and figuring out how to connect them.