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The all-in-one tool for designing buildings

Spacio is a cutting-edge building design tool in the browser. Built for architects and engineers.
Storm water

Design smarter

Easy to use design tool in the browser—built for architects and engineers

Designed to be seamless, instant and easy to use. Spacio empowers you to analyse and design buildings better and faster, all in one place. No more fragmented tools and simulations.
Spacio lives in the browser. It’s lightweight, fast and doesn’t need to be installed to use.

Access knowledge

Design floor plans — we provide you with the knowledge

Speed up your design process by getting access to thousands of existing floor plans which adapts to your design. Spacio is trained on a vast training set of floor plans in order to automate and assist the design process.
Make informed decisions by exploring variations and get an insight into the possibilities of your project.

Space qualities

Blazingly fast

Real time simulations

Robust and super fast simulations. Deliver better buildings and make an impact with real-time simulations. Spacio is a platform that connects the dots across building performance.

Daylight Factor %

Our advantage

Buildings that are measurable, comparable and self-aware

Buildings in Spacio are based on a uniform data representation, described in DataTrees. All elements are connected and aware of neighbouring elements, meaning they react and respond to changes. This structure allows any building to be represented and documented in a standardised matter and thus becoming comparable, measurable and reusable.

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windows belonging to livingroom with daylight factor lower than 1%

apartments that have onebedroom with apertures not facing a road

Features that help you solve complex design problems

Smart sketching

Easily edit, add or remove volumes

Generative design

Space allocation

Automatic space allocation for target mixes

Adaptive parking

Underground and ground parking in seconds

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DF, DA, UDI, VSC, sun hours, solar radiation, PV panels


Get instant noise predictions

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Storm water

Calculate runoff conditions and stormwater flow

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Airflow and microclimate simulations

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Direct export to Simien Energy

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Massing - cut/fill volumes

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Spacio connects with the tools you already use

Spacio makes it easy to import your projects from various sources! It’s never been easier to bring all your data together under one roof.

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Spacio helps to sketch, design and optimise buildings using an intuitive and easy to use web tool built for architects and engineers.