Same-day building proposals

Spacio lets you design, analyse, and bring to life properly structured building proposals – all within the same day.

Used by architects, engineers,
and property developers around the globe

Fast modeling

Insanely Fast and Flexible Modeling

Combine the ridiculous speed of Generative AI with the flexibility of Free-form editing to immediately model projects that match your vision and maximise site potential.

Automatic site moddels

Get the right context from the start

Pick your project location and instantly get the surrounding context with a single click. Design buildings that always account for real-world site conditions.

All in one place

Design and Simulate in Parallel

Skip the separate systems, confusing scripts, and clunky workflows. Simply design and run simulations on your building models in the same place at the same time.

Not just empty volumes

Always Structured and Clean BIM-models

Create buildings that consist of structured, connected, classified elements by default. Stay BIM-ready from the very start and avoid remodelling later on.


Easy Model Export

Export models and metrics in 3 clicks

Easily export your projects to appropriate file formats. Maintain momentum and get your project ready for the next stage - with your vision, work, and information perfectly intact.

A whole new take
on building design

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Used by architects, engineers, and property developers around the globe

Spacio helps us simplify the intricate world of parametric and automated design, by speeding up design iteration and data analysis. This enables us to focus more on our core issues, sustainability, and holistic design.

Spacio is exactly what we were looking for to optimise our neighbourhood design. We’re excited to integrate it further with our low-carbon housing.

Spacio lets us immediately see possible building volumes and thus provide us with an early cost and revenue picture. This enables us to free up time and resources to create a more well-thought-out built environment.